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09.09.15: NOW on ComiXology! This first "Krystal" release in almost 20 years is this 48-page anthology of stories set in the distant future written by Jaymes Reed and illustrated by Marc Borstel. Included: Krystal's origin, "Dalworth's Daughter", "Club Trip", about a nightclub bombing that makes Krystal re-think her inner "gender war", "Obedient Shackles", the tale of a sex slave rescue attempt and much more!

Krystal made her comic book debut WAAAAY back in 1995 in Out of the Cellar Comics' Best Cellars #1 in a story that immediately followed the debut of Eric Powell's "Monster Boy"... now known as The Goon! There have been some changes since then, so be sure to download your copy!


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