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09.14.16: Awake #6
from Action Lab

Chased by Brute Guards, Regn, Picar, and Operi race across the ice in hopes of rescuing Chay and Bashi from the clutches of Baron Korup and his nasty henchman, Gurk. But, as night falls, Chay and Bashi hatch their own plan for a daring escape.

09.14.16: Jungle Fantasy: Ivory #2
from Boundless Press

The sexiest survival action stories in all of comics are back with a new giant sized issue of Jungle Fantasy: Ivory! No one is safe in this prehistoric jungle filled with predators of all shapes and sizes. And Ivory must not only outwit the ferocious thunder lizards that rule this primitive land but also the vile scavengers that lust for her flesh.

09.07.16: Crossed +100 #18
from Avatar Press

The final issue of Crossed +100 is the most shocking yet! In the last installment of the third story arc, Simon Spurrier delivers a desperate resolution to Future Taylor's journey. She has witnessed the rise of the evolved Crossed, seen their tactics up close, and experienced an unexpected journey by raising a Crossed infected child. Everything that has happened to her leads to this moment. Don't sexing miss it!

09.07.16: The Ravening #3
from Boundless Press

Blood and horror fill the lives of the vampire beauties Izzy and Corrie as they face the vile and petty monsters of the Morningstars in hopes of surviving the wrath of Hell. The creatures of the night rule this world and even the immortal vampire race has to play the game in order to survive. Hell has conquered the divine in this unforgiving domain and the beasts of antiquity are done hiding in the shadows. They are ready to snatch the station upon the food chain from the vampires and feast upon their competition. To make this truly unforgettable we've also included a Ravening tale from the past, newly colorized and presented to a modern audience!


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