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Welcome and thank you for visiting Digital-CAPS! I'm never too busy to take on whatever comic book lettering you have. Take a look at my samples and if you'd like to discuss hiring me, please stop by my contact page. If you want to follow me on my various social network pages, the links are posted at the bottom of this page.

03.28.14: I'm currently lettering CROSSED by Avatar Press monthly, and this week we're celebrating issue #50, which not only tells the story of Patient Zero --finally-- but also marks the return of Garth Ennis to the series he created. I can't tell you what a trip it is to letter for this guy. He's a powerful storyteller to be sure! So stop by your local comic book shop and pick up a copy, if they have any left!

My lettering appears in DARK HORSE PRESENTS #31-33 in a three-part time travel adventure called KILL ME, written by Chad Lambert. That, plus a HELLBOY cover by Mike Mignola... how can you go wrong? A great set of books to top off a wonderful anthology series. Chad and I also worked on my COMICS series together, so we're getting to be old pros at producing quality merchandise together.

Levity Biographies, my new publishing moniker for this series, proudly presents the first four issues of "COMICS" in one convenient collection that I was honored to both [mostly] write and letter! Included in this volume are the illustrated life stories of George Carlin, Lucille Ball and The Three Stooges, as well as the history of Saturday Night Live. This trade also features an exclusive comic book biography of Eddie Murphy, available ONLY in this collection! Just click the cover to your right to buy it via PayPal and also see what other COMICS-related items I have for sale. And thanks in advance for anything you are so kind to purchase.

Alterna Comics
*Mages For Hire #1-2

Avatar Press
* Crossed: Wish You Were Here (Webcomic & Trades)
* Crossed: Badlands
* Dicks: To The End Of Time, Like

Dark Horse Comics
* Dark Horse Presents #31-33

* Super Mario Brothers 2: The Movie Sequel

Inception Strategies
* I'm the ONLY letterer employed by this Aboriginal-Australian company that develops social comics with public service messages for the Australian government. Click here to read some for FREE!

Keep The Vision
2012 & 2013 Shel Dorf Award Nominee
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