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Welcome and thanks for visiting DigitalCAPS! I'm never too busy to take on whatever comic book lettering you have. Take a look at my samples and if you'd like to discuss hiring me, please contact me. If you want to follow me on Twitter, I'm @DigitalCAPS.

11.24.14: On my birthday, December 3rd, I'll celebrate nearly two years with Avatar Press, most especially as the letterer of "Crossed". But also on this date, Alan Moore's first venture into the world of Crossed begins with the release of "Crossed +100 #1", marking only the 2nd Avatar work of Alan's I've had the honor to letter, the first being his "Fashion Beast" mini series. It's sounding like a hell of a birthday to me, so if you are so inclined, go pick up a copy of this book, the latest addition to the lore of "the most depraved comic book series on the planet."

11.12.14: Chad Lambert and I have completed work on a new issue of my comedy biography series, COMICS! But to get it, along with any other of a number of books I've self-published, click the "COMICS #5: WKRP in Cincinnati" cover to the right. From there, you can visit any of a few online stores through which I've made my products available, including the one featured on the cover to the right, which is currently available in digital only.

Click HERE to buy it NOW in my Gumroad Shop for only $1.99. Enjoy!

10.05.14: I spent today at "Supah Pop 2014" in Columbia, South Carolina to meet Roy Thomas. My first major job was re-lettering his 1970s Red Sonja #1-7 for a Dynamite reprint series... books I first read as a child! I had him sign my copy of that, plus I took my "Superman's Metropolis" for a signature. He was quite a pleasant person. Thanks, Roy!

Avatar Press
* Crossed: Wish You Were Here (Webcomic/Trades)
* Crossed: Dead Or Alive (Webcomic)
* Crossed: Badlands
* Dicks: End Of Time
* George RR Martin's In The House Of The Worm

Capstone Publishing
* Sports Illustrated: For Kids
books based on baseball, football, soccer & basketball

Inception Strategies
* I'm the ONLY letterer employed by this Aboriginal-Australian company that develops social comics with public service messages for the Australian government. Click here to read some for FREE!

* Super Mario Brothers 2: The Movie Sequel

Keep The Vision
2012 & 2013 Shel Dorf Award Nominee

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